1 in 20

Why control a single character when you can control 20! In 1 in 20, every death doesn't matter when there's another character following behind.

Moving Pictures

Level Design

I started the project to get my feet wet with level design. I just finished up Deleveled, where I did absolutely zero level design so it was a big scary unknown thing. While this game doesn't have set levels, I see it as having four sections: the intro, jumping, double jumping, and finally wall jumping.

The biggest take away I learned from this game is that level design is about movement. I feel like some of the strongest sections were built when I had a clear path I wanted the player to move. It was then up to me to treat the mechanics as tools to force the player to follow that path. For example, if there was a U-turn I wanted the player to make I could put a vertical wall in their path with a hole for them to drop down to go under the vertical wall. Looking at movement patterns allowed me to see things like double jumps and wall jumps as more than a list of actions required to get from point A to point B.

Another benefit of using movement patterns also allowed for me to see redundancies in level design. If you're just hopping on floating platforms like _     _     _     _ it may not be that clear to the player but it's actually the same as platforms separated by spikes. There are differences to each pattern, as floating platforms could allow for the player to fall through to safe ground and try again, where landing on spikes would kill the player.  But seeing the similarities let me know that I shouldn't put these pieces of level back to back.

One very important thing I did not do that is extremely important to level design was watch people play the levels. This was a process that was extremely important in Deleveled and making sure the puzzles were as good as possible. When you watch other people play levels you get to see problems, pitfalls, and bugs. So enjoy this unpolished game!

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